JavaScript Problems I've Discovered

Netscape awarded me a $1000 bugs bounty for my initial JavaScript tracker back in Feb 1996. They also sent me a Mozilla mug. They did not send me anything for the discovering the first HTTP file upload bug (I would have preferred another $1000).

I am not actively collecting or reporting problems related to JavaScript.
This does not mean there are none in Netscape's Navigator or in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Rather, my available time is being spent on other, more important pursuits.
I do not offer JavaScript consulting services.
Please do not send me your JavaScript (or Java) code or questions, or pointers to such.
If you insist on doing so, I'll have to insist on billing you. And you can't afford me.

The press had a spotty record of reporting correctly on this as it happened in 1996. I've prepared a small report on the stories I've seen. I'm amazed at how inaccurate some of the stories are! You'd think that they would have at least read some of what I've written! If you see an article in the press mentioning these pages, please let me know (John LoVerso).

Down below are the problems I've reported back to Netscape.
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